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Of all the things I’ve done in my 39 years of life, deciding to have gastric bypass surgery two years ago was one of the very best.  At the ‘ripe old age’ of 16, I began a mysterious weight gain.  For the next twenty years, I would steadily put on weight until my 5 foot 4 frame would eventually support a whopping 252 pounds!  Diets didn’t work. Exercise made little difference.  Nothing seemed to help.  I was developing many secondary conditions, as well – sleep apnea, joint pain and borderline diabetes.  It seemed my already short life was going to be even shorter – and not nearly as enjoyable – due to all these health issues.
Then, I heard about weigh loss surgery.  I was very skeptical in the beginning.  It took me several months to make the decision to have all out gastric bypass rather than lap band.  My problems were “clearly metabolic”, according to the doctor.  Therefore, a lap band would probably not be nearly as helpful.  It also required many follow up visits to the doctor for the rest of my life.  Since quantity of eating was never my issue, it seemed obvious that this was not the choice for me.
So, off I went for my laparoscopic ‘Roux-en-Y’ gastric bypass procedure.  Granted, the first few weeks were not much fun.  It was painful and it took quite a while for me to learn how to eat again.  All the hardships taken into consideration, though, I’d do it again in a hot minute!  At 125 pounds lighter for the last two years, I have discovered a whole new life!  I have done things I never thought I would do – including climbing small hills and mountains in the Himalayas!  Two years ago, I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without becoming winded!
So, why am I writing about this for a medical tourism site?  The reason is simple…although I would do the entire thing again even if no changes were proposed – I have to admit that the nearly $25,000 bill that came along with the surgery was very difficult for me to handle. We know these days and times are tough, yet nothing is more important than our health.  So, when faced with the decision to stay obese or obtain the help needed, anyone would want to choose the path that leads to the greatest health benefits. However, when the price tag is out of your reach, what can you do? 
The possibility of medical tourism is an option that can help those who need medical care that is quickly becoming out-of-reach to most Americans.  To have such wonderful health benefits along with money saving options is a much more feasible alternative to shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars for the same result.
Some might say, “Well, you seemed to have done well.  Two years without weight returning. Your doctor must have been good.  Isn’t a great doctor worth the extra money?”  If you are skeptical, then let me assure you that the doctors and dentists who provide their services to overseas patients are chosen because they have the reputations required to give peace of mind to those who opt for them.
Many doctors in other countries have studied in the US or Europe.  Those who haven’t, but are chosen by such companies as MedPath Group, have studied and practiced at prestigious universities and medical centers.  They know that providing care to foreign clients requires the utmost attention to detail and ethical practice is a must!  Therefore, I would have no trouble whatsoever having my surgery in an overseas hospital.
In a nutshell, though I am very pleased with the results of the surgery I had, the option of medical tourism would have made a great decision even better.  I urge anyone considering gastric bypass to check out this option. You owe it to yourself to have the best of both worlds – great health at a great price!
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Being treated and listened to as a real person by real doctors on a direct one-to-one basis with my best interest, health and needs being placed first was more than refreshing. I am looking forward to a full recovery from surgery for a serious clavicle injury, and the normal use of my arm. My life has been renewed. I got the serious and immediate attention no U.S. doctor I found would give me. I did my research and emailed my x-rays to Dr. Oscar Oeding, with your Hospital in Costa Rica, who promptly telephoned me directly. I found his assessment and recommended procedure in agreement with mine – going beyond what any U.S. doctor was willing to discuss. Imagine making a serious decision for surgery with one phone call! No surgery is easy, but having full confidence in Dr. Oeding is making every step of my recovery endurable. Unlike my experience in the USA, I not just felt, but knew that the patient came before the money. There was not a moment that my every need was not attended to, my every question or concern not addressed – and always with a smile. My business puts me in contact with many people who think the USA has the best doctors.The expertise and professionalism I experienced from everyone from the coffee stand to the operating room at Hospital there dispelled any anxiety I may have had about obtaining help outside the USA, especially when the advice I received from US doctors was “live with it” and I knew I could not.

The staff with MedPath Group as well as the Hospital Staff were there for me every step of the way, including not just recommending but making arrangements for affordable, restful housing and prompt transportation, and willingly attending to my personal needs.
As for the price? Well, for a person who is “self-insured” – I found I could afford it.In the long run I have paid less and had less hassle and paperwork than with any insurance company. Perhaps I am out of the ordinary. But after being offered “free” surgery by a U.S. Orthopedic surgeon on the assumption that I agreed with his assessment (which I did not) and that without insurance I could not pay, I turned it down without even asking the price. Confidence and trust is something money cannot buy. I found it with you guys. Please feel free to forward my email address to anyone seeking a referral.
Timothy L, 2008
Atlanta, GA
Clavicle Fracture
Dearest Carlos,
Thank you so much for all you did to make my surgery such a positive experience.  You truly showed your concern, compassion and even exhilaration when the ultrasound did indeed show STONES!!!  I can never express how grateful I am to you for helping me get back to a “pain-free” place.  You were always so prompt and informative when I was doing my initial research and something funny happened this morning.  I checked my e-mail to find a letter from another “medical tourism” company that I sent an e-mail to way back when I first contacted you.  I let them know they were waaaay too late.  I have only one suggestion to make and that is to put a photo of you and your staff on your web-site because it would have helped me to see what sweet, nice people you are.  (Please excuse my typing this instead of writing it in long-hand, but my arthritis is acting up and it is easier for me to type than to write).  Thank you so so much. 
With love, Anne
MedPath Group
Dear Michael,
I can hardly begin to thank you enough for all your kindness and compassion during my surgical procedure.  I could always feel that you truly cared about me and did not just see me as a “business routine.”  You are a true asset to this industry and the hospitals in your network. hospital and I have only one suggestion to make.   You are such a wonderful person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my life so much better. My procedure in Costa Rica went very smoothly and I could not have done it without MedPath Group.
Angela Stone, 2008
Seattle, Washington
Gallbladder Removal
MedPath Group
Tina Sharpe who came to India for the Weight Loss Gastric Bypass surgery in Mumbai.She is a resident of United Stats of America.She was treated by the team from the Centre for Obesity Support. “ I am so thankful to have planned my weight loss surgery with MedPath Group Infact I was a bit hesitant initially to travel to India for this and I asked so many questions to Carlos. But he was always there for me, answering all my queries and helping me everytime. Carlos works out of the Seattle office for MedPath Group so unfortunately I could not meet him. He did call me at the Hospital to check up on me and check out all of the services being provided for me. I was very overwhelmed from the long flight when I reached India, but gradually as things settled down I knew this was the righteous decision. The people I have been treated by, the nursing staff, the domestic staff, everybody without exception have been delightful and I am very conscious of their efforts to make my stay a happy one. My outcome was wonderful and much better than my best expectation. I now recommend MedPath Group to everyone seeking weight loss surgery.”
MedPath Group
Dear Rohan-I was given your information from a friend in the Embassy. And I must say You stand and live up to the best expectations. You know what good service means. I just gave you a call and my appointment was confirmed in less than 10 minutes. I met The dentist the same day-got my preliminary treatments done the very first time and Followed it up again after 3 months. MedPath Group provided a very professional, and easy process and it is truly appreciated. I saved over £12,000.
Richard Shaw- 2008
England, UK
Dental Implants in Delhi
MedPath Group
Prior to having Gastric Bypass Surgery I weighed over 21 stone suffered from Type II diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and joint pain. This should have been enough to alert me to the death cycle I was on: but it was not. I fooled myself into thinking that I was relatively healthy and young enough to overcome my medical problems. Shortly after my 31st birthday, my 7-year old son asked me if I would live to see her children. I asked her "what do you mean?" He said, "Mommy, if you don't loose weight you're not going to be around when I get married and have children." It took these comments from my little son to make me realise that my life was slipping away and I had to do something about my weight or forego the joys of parenthood and, hopefully, grand parenting. After my chat with my son, I looked in earnest for a reputable doctor to consult for Gastric Bypass Surgery. But the cost of getting private surgery in U.K. was out of my budget. I searched for my options in other countries and found Medpath Group who specialises in surgeries abroad. I was fortunate to find Dr. Bojwani and MedPath Group in India, who thoroughly helped me at every step to plan my surgery in India. My Gastric Bypass Surgery was successfully performed: I have not looked back. The recovery was not easy, but it was as explained to me by the surgeon and definitely it was worth it. I now weigh 11.5 stone and enjoy life’s little pleasures. I no longer suffer from diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and joint pain. All of my illnesses have disappeared, and I can now say that I truly enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
Elizabeth G. UK
MedPath Group
I'm writing this on April 23rd,-08--three months to the day since I had my surgery with the MedPath Group in India. At my last weigh-in, I was down 68 pounds. I started at over 330 pounds. My results have been remarkable and I've been very fortunate in my recovery. I had only one bad period when for about three weeks I was fatigued and dizzy. It did go away, though, and the sailing since has been very smooth. But that's the only thing I've found that I can't eat. And I think the key to all of my success is following the doctor's instructions. The surgery, as the doctor will tell you, is only the beginning. It's just a tool to help you with your weight loss. If you want to have success, you HAVE TO modify your eating habits. It's the only way to get the most out of the surgery. Prior to the operation, I was a sweet-aholic, loved fried foods and loved bread.

Since the surgery, I've eaten no sugar to speak of, no fried foods and about two pieces of bread--total. It hasn't been easy, but it's necessary. Otherwise, you'll have had the surgery for nothing. But the good news is, with a smaller stomach, you won't want to overeat, because if you do, you'll get very uncomfortable. I've had that happen a few times, and it reminds me not to do it again. As far as the doctors go, I can't imagine any better person in India than Dr. Benosh to assist you for this. And he assured me that they'd have the best people possible working on the surgical team to make sure I did make it. And as you can see, I did fine! Dr. Bojwani was always assisting me both before and after the surgery and if you decide to have gastric bypass surgery, I highly recommend that you choose MedPath Group. My experience has been fantastic--pre-op, op and post-op. And it was very comforting to know that if I had a question about ANYTHING during my recovery, they were there to answer it. If you’re ready for it, take the step. And get your surgery through MedPath Group.
Emily Campbell, Canada.
MedPath Group