Most neurosurgery done overseas is done electively and includes procedures as diverse as carpal tunnel syndrome, carotid endarterectomies and benign brain tumor removal.


Where can I go to have Neurosurgery Abroad?


India’s neurosurgery departments have a long history of excellence and are on par with those programs you’ll find in the US or the UK. You can have almost any neurosurgical procedure done by the neurosurgeons in India.


You can be operated on by a world class group of neurosurgeons in Thailand. They offer the full range of neurology and neurosurgical services to local people and foreign travelers.


Some clinics in Mexico offer stereotactic neurosurgery similar to what’s offered in the US and provide a wide range of neurosurgical services.


What are the Costs of Neurosurgery in Other Countries?


Neurosurgery is an expensive procedure in the US, often running several hundred thousand dollars for brain surgery. The same surgery in India, Thailand or Mexico will save you seventy percent or more off the cost of your procedure, depending on the procedure you have.


What are the Risks of Neurosurgery?


Having a neurosurgery procedure can be inherently dangerous. There can be a risk of bleeding, infection and neurological deficit, such as a stroke or paralysis.