Besides the typical physical examination, there is much more to a thorough physical assessment that includes tumor marker assessment, radiology, ultrasonography and vascular imaging, mammography, cardiac assessments, gynecological assessments and eye examination. Pulmonary function studies are done on some.


Where Can I Get a Health Checkup?


Clinics in Bangkok, Thailand offer Board Certified physicians who can perform a comprehensive medical examination at low cost as part of a traveling arrangement to Thailand. There is no waiting and you’ll receive a top notch physical examination.


Doctors in India can offer vacation packages that include a comprehensive examination that is not limited to comprehensive blood testing, chest XRay, EKG, exercise stress test, echocardiogram of the heart, coronary risk markers, cancer markers, carotid ultrasound, spine XRay, DEXA scan, stress screening, an MRI of the lumbar spine, an ultrasound of the abdomen, an ENT examination and a post check up consultation. This is all done at a fraction of the cost of the same procedures in the US or the UK.


What is the Cost of a Check Up?


There are two parts to mention about the cost of such a check-up done overseas. The first is that, in the US, doctors and insurance companies don’t do these kinds of procedures as a package and would only do it if you are considered sick. HMOs don’t pay for this degree of preventative healthcare. The cost is about seventy percent of what you’d pay for a similar group of procedures in the US, provided you could get one.


What are the Risks and Benefits of an Overseas Checkup?


There is virtually no risk to any of the procedures you’d have done on your overseas checkup. Such a checkup, however, has significant benefits. It can pick up problems and abnormalities in your body long before they become a serious problem.


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