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St luke's bendigo

Training – St Luke's Innovative Resources

Training – St Luke's Innovative Resources

Looking for something?

We believe that the strengths approach applies to all levels of work; enhancing, developing and sustaining organisational culture, from direct service delivery through to administration and management structures.

We know how important ongoing professional development is—that’s why we offer a range of training packages, In-Person at Your Place, or Online. Please see our current Training Calendar for the events currently available. Any of our training packages can be delivered at ‘Your Place’, with format and content negotiated with you. Group registrations are also available to organisations for our Online courses.

Contact Us to discuss the training needs of your organisation.

We offer strengths approach training to professionals worldwide:

Our highly-interactive training programs are delivered to human service, health, education and community groups and organisations, as well as to local government and businesses.

Considering an innovative and practical training program? We deliver strengths-based training and tools workshops to inspire you and transform your organisation. Our experienced professionals provide quality, interactive training tailored to your needs—at your place.

If you would you like more information about any of our training, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your requirements.

What people say about our training

'Everything and everyone has been abuzz in our district since your workshop!!! You have made a significant impact already.'

(CFA North West Region - Brigade Support Team feedback to Andrew Shines from a recent Strengths Approach workshop)

‘Well-organised, welcoming environment, great resources.’

‘Useful exercises for learning and practice; made me smile and laugh a lot!’

‘I will take away many strategies to help me in my work and life journey.

‘I am intrigued by the idea of asking better questions in my work with clients.’

‘Supportive and comfortable environment, made me confident to speak and get involved.’

‘I will take away knowledge of strengths, reframing, externalising, normalising and the five-column approach.’

‘Great tools to use with clients (adults and children) and for team building.’

‘Loved the practical use of the cards, the active learning, and the interactions with peers.’

‘I found the stories and examples very useful; they made sense of ideas, concepts and tools.’

What is the foundation of

St Luke’s Strengths Approach?

View this short video of Wayne McCashen, author of The Strengths Approach  . Wayne very succinctly puts forward the reasons why Strengths Approach is such a powerful way of working with people.  (His legacy will live on.)

Benefits of

training with Innovative Resources

Flexible modes of training delivery:

 * Online or In-Person training available

* Bring our training to ‘your place’

* Blended with a mix of Online and In-Person

Training is custom designed to meet your needs

Focusses on strengths and solutions rather than problems

Builds confidence in using tools to bring meaningful conversations alive in your work

Creates better outcomes for people

Builds organisational culture

Invigorates teams

Our training is accredited by:

Blog – St Luke's Innovative Resources

Blog – St Luke's Innovative Resources

Looking for something?

Posted: 05/09/2022

Introducing the latest edition to our suite of strengths-based tools and resources—Strength Cards Unlimited!  Everyone has strengths. But did you know that strengths are more than just personal qualities? They also include your relationships, culture, health, community, the natural world and access to supports. …Read more

Posted: 04/09/2022

Eating Disorders, and mental illnesses come in all shapes, sizes, colours, ages, race and social economic levels. Throughout my lived eating disorder experience I have had to deal with weight stigma and being told things like “you don’t look that sick or underweight”, “your …Read more

Posted: 08/07/2022

When it comes to dealing with big emotions, not everyone has the language to describe how they’re feeling. Today we talk with one school counsellor, Judith, who co-created a story to accompany the tactile Bears. What began as a story to help one young …Read more

Posted: 31/05/2022

Feelings of shame can be heightened as children and young adults start to compare themselves to others. As children grow, they become more aware of what is considered normal—if their experiences and feelings don’t fit into this version of ‘normal’, this may result in …Read more

Posted: 31/05/2022

At any given moment in a supervision session, we may find ourselves wondering, ‘What is the most useful question I could ask right now?’ This, however, begs another question: ‘What do we mean by a useful question?’ Questions are fundamental in constructing—and changing—social realities. …Read more

Posted: 10/05/2022

This month we launch our latest resource – Exploring Shame – a game changer for therapists, counsellors, carers and teachers. We talk with lead author Michael Derby on his motivation for producing the resource.   1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself …Read more

Posted: 10/05/2022

Maybe not in the wilds of nature. But in the wild world of our feelings many unexpected things can go together. Look inside on any typical day and you may notice a swirling mix of emotions and body signals. The limitations of language mean …Read more

Posted: 12/04/2022

Shame is a common emotion experienced by almost everyone at some point, it can feel painful and uncomfortable. Shame can erode our sense of self, creating feelings of humiliation, embarrassment or unworthiness. It can also lead to harmful or destructive behaviours and yet we …Read more

Posted: 18/03/2022

Getting the most out of your card set? Many of the Innovative Resources card sets have an accompanying Ideas Bank – a quick list of things to try in different settings. So whether you need a handy quick reference, a nudge or some inspiration, …Read more

Posted: 15/03/2022

Over the weekend I read Austin Kleon’s book, Steal like an artist, in which he says that creative people are excellent burglars. He reckons they steal everything—ideas, structures, techniques and inspiration. This is not plagiarism because they take the ideas of others and remix …Read more

Posted: 15/02/2022

What can parents and carers do to create a strengths-based, nurturing environment for their children to play, learn and grow? The team from the Bendigo Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) have a few tips and tricks. Here are their top three …Read more

Posted: 25/01/2022

The importance of self-care Even the most experienced and skilled professionals can feel overwhelmed and heartbroken when hearing people’s stories of trauma and loss. When you work in a role that involves supporting other people—like social work, teaching, healthcare, childcare or counselling—self-care is fundamentally …Read more

Posted: 25/01/2022

Over two years in the making, Tell A Trusted Adult is now a trusted resource for having conversations with children about protective behaviours and safety. It includes 35 cards focussing on body signals—13 matched pairs and 9 activity cards—plus a 60-page booklet with loads of …Read more

Posted: 29/11/2021

We’re nearly there – at the end of another crazy covid year! Good riddance is what we’re saying, and for good reason – it’s been tough, in so many ways, on so many people. But rather than write the whole year off, let’s take …Read more

Posted: 29/11/2021

In my family, we celebrate Christmas at this time of the year. Even though my kids are now adults (just) and my mum is a grandmother, Christmas still seems to bring out the child in all of us. Maybe the fact that Christmas is …Read more

Posted: 08/11/2021

We are becoming an increasingly outcome-driven society. For many of us, our lives are dominated by KPIs, meeting targets, ticking boxes and writing endless reports. While accountability is important, the pressures around this often mean that we feel relieved rather than proud or excited …Read more

Posted: 08/11/2021

Researcher, Brené Brown, calls shame the ‘master emotion’ because it is present in almost every experience of trauma, disempowerment and exclusion. Whether we have caused someone else harm, someone has caused us harm or we are experiencing mental health issues, shame is the voice …Read more

Posted: 12/10/2021

Nain Philp is a social worker and art therapist working in private practice in Victoria, Australia. She shares with us her experiences using cards and other visual tools in AOV settings and with young people with autism, plus her top 3 tips for using …Read more

Posted: 12/10/2021

Given that both trauma and learning difficulties can have significant impacts on a child’s outcomes in later life, it is important to know how to recognise them in order to provide appropriate support. What we often don’t talk about is that trauma and learning …Read more

Posted: 10/09/2021

Many of us who have worked with children have grappled with how we can effectively include the perspective and voice of children in our planning and program development. We know it is important and valuable but how do we do it well? And how …Read more


Luke's Anglican Church Victoria - Bendigo

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St Luke Victoria Anglican Church - Bendigo is a Welfare Center located in Bendigo VIC 3550. It is one of 30 Welfare Centers in Australia. The address of St. Luke's Anglican Church Victoria - Bendigo is 10 Mundy St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia. St. Luke's Anglican Church Victoria - Bendigo can be contacted on 61354343922. St. Luke's Anglican Church Victoria - Bendigo is located in a remote area with less than 1 listed places around it. St. Luke's Anglican Church Victoria - Bendigo is rated 4.5 (out of 5 stars) by 26 reviewers online.

Distance from major attractions

The distance between St. Luke's Anglican Church - Bendigo and Bendigo Art Gallery is approximately 680 meters.

Distance between St. Luke's Anglican Church - Bendigo and Bendigo Marketplace is approximately 1039 meters.

Distance between St. Luke's Anglican Church - Bendigo and Rosalind Park is approximately 509 meters.

Distance between St. Luke's Anglican Church - Bendigo and Bendigo Art Gallery is approximately 682 meters.

Distance between St. Luke's Anglican Church - Bendigo and JB Hi-Fi Bendigo is approximately 608 meters.



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