The waiting list for organs such as the liver in the US, U.K. and Canada is very long and some patients die before getting their liver transplant. Fortunately, the wait for a liver in countries like China, India and Pakistan is not long and patients can get their liver transplant done at a reasonable cost.


Where can I Go for a Liver Transplant?


Singapore has begun a living donor program for livers whereby living lobes of liver are transplanted into the recipient. It is state of the art and only matched livers are given to the recipients.


There is a program in India that specializes in liver and kidney transplantation with doctors who have trained in the US and in the UK prior to coming to India to perform transplants in modern hospitals and using modern technology.


Transplants have only been done in Pakistan for two years but the costs are significantly less than in the US and the hospitals and medical equipment are modern and state of the art.


What is the Approximate Cost of a Liver Transplant?


The estimated cost of a liver transplant in the US is over $300,000. The same procedure in India is around $20,000 or $30,000.


What are the Risks of a Liver Transplant?


All surgeries carry the risk of bleeding complications and infection. In transplantations, there is always the risk of rejection of the transplanted tissue; patients need to take anti-rejection medication for their entire life after the procedure.


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