Lasik eye surgery is a type of computerized eye surgery in which irregularities of the cornea are fixed through tiny cuts made in the cornea that result in clearer vision in those who have near-sightedness.


Where Can I Get Lasik Eye Surgery Overseas?


There are scores of Lasik Eye Centers in India. Using state of the art equipment and using a quick outpatient procedure, any of these clinics can perform a simple Lasik procedure. Lasik has been in India for greater than 10 years in some clinics.


There are also numerous clinics in Thailand that offer traditional and customized Lasik surgery. The procedure takes less than fifteen minutes and state of the art equipment is used.


There are a number of eye clinics in Bangkok, Thailand, that provide services for Lasik eye surgery using modern methodologies.


What are the Costs of Lasik Surgery?


The cost of Lasik procedures in Delhi, India, is about $1350 per eye. In Thailand, the cost is about $1600 per eye.


What are the Risks of Lasik Surgery?


Complications of Lasik surgery are extremely rare. An individual could have slippage of their corneal flap, inflection and resultant blindness or failure to fully correct the vision, necessitating another procedure.


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