While there is a long waiting list for kidneys in the US, U.K, Canada and other countries, such as Pakistan, India and China have a greater supply of kidneys available for transplant. As in the US, kidneys are matched between donor and recipient so the recipient gets a healthy kidney.


What Countries off Kidney Transplant?


Foreigners are allowed to have kidney transplants in China by qualified transplant physicians who transplant matched kidneys into the recipient and manage the medical issues that go along with having a kidney transplant.


There are hospitals in India who specialize in transplants and who do liver and kidney transplants with Board Certified surgeons who have experience in transplantation surgery.


There are doctors and hospitals in Pakistan which offer state of the art kidney transplants, often to foreign recipients who pay a fraction of what they would pay for the same procedure in the US.


How much is a Transplant Overseas?


The cost can vary with things like complications and extended lengths of stay but the average cost of a kidney transplant in India is $20,000—a far cry from the hundreds of thousands that the same procedure would cost in the US.


What are the Risks of Kidney Transplants?


With any surgery, there is a risk of bleeding or infection. With kidney transplants, there is the possibility of rejection of the kidney and failure of the new kidney to work. Patients need to be on antirejection drugs for a lifetime.


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