Fertility treatments offer a wide variety of medical treatments, including In Vitro fertilization, Sperm Concentration, Sperm transfer, Embryo transfer, egg donation and other medical therapies related to having a baby for an infertile couple.


Where Can I Go to Have Fertility Treatments?


India has an active fertility program in which there is in vitro fertilization, egg donation and other procedures, including sperm injection. Their success rate is approximately 20 percent per cycle for a viable pregnancy. Patients may have to stay for several weeks in order to undergo the necessary treatments.


Thailand is a hot spot for tourists looking for low cost fertility treatments and make up for half of the patients seen there. Bangkok has two of the world’s finest infertility clinics and can provide the infertility procedure for a third less than in the US.


There is one good IVF clinic in Turkey that offers state of the art equipment and technology in the management of infertility for locals and foreigners.


What is the Cost of Infertility Treatments?


In India, the cost of an IVF cycle is around $7200, including airfare and housing. Turkish IVF centers offer cycles that are about the same or a third of the cost in the US.


What are the Risks of Fertility Procedures?


There are minimal risks of fertility procedures although there is the rare risk of infection and bleeding during some of the procedures. The real risk comes in the percent success rate. In the US, the percent success rate of an IVF treatment is about 30 percent and in some foreign IVF clinics, the success rate is less, meaning that you’d have to have more treatments overall, thus extending the price.


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