What does my doctor need to know?

It is wise to let your primary care physician know your plans to receive medical treatment overseas. It is common for doctors to be a little skeptical of the idea, however, it is best to share materials about international hospitals accredited by U.S. standards and the overseas physicians credentials and procedure cost.

Is there a way to communicate with MedPath Group, when i'm overseas?

Yes. You will have direct access to our phone support line as well as email communication. Our overseas personal care coordinator, will be there for you every step of the way until you return back home.

Why is it cheaper to receive medical treatment and surgeries overseas?

There are several factors that determine the lower cost of medical treatment overseas.

What procedures are covered or included in my quote estimate?

The hospital fees are included. Tests, consultations, patient care, accomodation and meals. All quotes will vary depending on your procedure type.

How do I find out if a foreign hospital is accredited?

The Joint Commission, an American non-profit organization that accredits hospitals in the United States, has a division that does the same thing for overseas hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Joint Commission International uses strict American medical standards to evaluate foreign facilities.

What are the savings by going overseas for medical treatment?

You can receive the same or better treatment than in your home community for a fraction of the cost. Depending on the procedure type, the savings can range from up to 75-80% off.

How soon must I make the payment?

You will be required to make a deposit prior to going for treatment. The balance of the payment is due upon service and is paid directly to the hospital facility.

Is there a way to finance my medical procedure?

Yes. We can help you to arrange financing for Weight Loss, Cosmetic and Dental procedures.

Is there a way to prove that the quality of care I will be receiving is the same or better than my community hospital?

Yes. We are alliliated with Internationally accredited hospitals and doctors, that are (JCI) Joint Commission International approved and meet high quality standards.

How qualified are the physicians at your partner hospital facilities?

Most of the hospitals at these accredited facilities have either studied, practiced or become licensed in the U.S. or U.K. Actually, approximately 50% of the best U.S./U.K doctors are foreigners. Also, their qualifications are usually available for your review.

What types of medical technology and equipment are being used in your partner hospital facilities?

All our partner hospitals use state of the art and high tech equipment. In order for them to be accredited by the JCI, they must meet this requirement. For more information on Joint Commission International visit: http://www.jointcommission.org/AccreditationPrograms/Hospitals or jointcommissioninternational.com

Will there be any translation or language barriers?

The physicians and staff are fluent in English. Our overseas personal care coordinators, also speak English, so that should not be a problem.

How is my information at this website protected?

We use SSL 228-Bit Secure Socket Layers to encrypt your information. Your information is private and will never be shared with anyone besides the doctors and providers that will treat you.