The coronary arteries are the small arteries that surround the heart and provide circulation to the heart. Because of things like high cholesterol, diabetes, heredity and smoking, an individual can get blockages of the coronary arteries. If the blockages become too narrow, there can be an additional blood clot that blocks the artery altogether, leading to a heart attack. If the narrowed areas are cleaned out before the heart attack happens, the person can avoid the complications of narrowed arteries. A person knows they need to have bypass surgery if they have a bad stress test of the heart or if they have a CT scan of the heart indicating they need an angioplasty to determine the exact narrowness of the artery. If there is significant narrowing, you’ll need to have a coronary bypass surgery.


What are the Risks of Coronary Bypass surgery?


The risks of coronary artery surgery are the same no matter where you go. When you go overseas, you face the same risks as you would in the US at a fraction of the cost. The biggest risk is that you might have a heart attack as a result of the surgery, followed by excess bleeding, infection and cardiac arrhythmia. These risks are uncommon and many are easily managed.


What are the Costs of Coronary Bypass Surgery?


he average cost of a coronary bypass surgery in the US is $54,000. If you have a large copay or if you have Medicare that doesn’t cover the whole cost of surgery, you should consider having your bypass surgery overseas where costs can be fifty percent or less than the same procedure in the US.


Where Can I have Bypass Surgery Overseas?


In Bangkok, Thailand, they offer state of the art bypass surgeries and off short incisions, stem cell use in bypasses and robotic assisted bypasses. Costs are less than fifty percent of what you’ll pay in the US and the quality is first rate.


The cost of heart surgery in India is around $8000. They offer coronary artery bypass surgery, aortic valve surgery and other valvular surgery in several private hospitals in and around New Delhi.


Turkey is another big place to go to for coronary bypass surgery. They offer board certified cardiologists and cardiac surgeons who can do the bypass surgery at a fraction of the cost.


Why Should I consider an Overseas Coronary Bypass?


The risks of the surgery are basically the same no matter where you go and all places have quality surgeons who have done hundreds of operations. The biggest difference is cost, which is far less in bypass procedures done overseas. You’ll have to pay for airline tickets but this is strongly offset by the reduction in cost of these procedures overseas.


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