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gastric bypass cost

gastric bypass surgery cost

mini gastric bypass

gastric bypass mexico

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mini gastric bypass surgery cost mexico

Name: Jonathan Uria
Procedure: Gastric Bypass
Date: August 7th 2009
Testimonial: Hi, Sheri. I am doing just great and lost 30lbs in the first three weeks. I am feeling great. Thank you for all the help and support.

mini gastric bypass surgery cost mexico

Name: Larry Hall
Procedure: Gastric Bypass
Date: July 2th 2009
Testimonial: I just wanted you to know that my BMI is now down at 33. i now fit into a size 13. I was up to a size 20! wow! I was really hoping the weight could come off of my abs. First but for the 1st time in years i have only one chin so I am not complaining. My mom is doing good also. We're so happy to have gotten this done i wish i did it years ago.

mini gastric bypass surgery cost mexico

Name: Benjamin Yedid
Procedure: Mini Gastric Bypass
Date: October 23rd 2009
Testimonial: Hello Debbie, Ruda, Sheri and Dr. V:
Hi how are you, first off, let me tell you that I miss you all. I want to share how everything is with me.
I am feeling great and I'm loosing weight and feel great, I now started to do exercise Part Time and I am going to NEW YORK in two weeks to purchase my new clothes because NOTHING seems to fit anymore!!!

mini gastric bypass surgery cost mexico

Name: Debra Smith
Procedure: Lap Band
Date: October 2th 2009
Testimonial: Dear Sheri, Dr. Verboonen and staff
I thank you very much for giving me a chance to restart my life over. And enjoy a healthy life. The thought of being able to know that very soon i'll be able to enjoy and play with my 11 grandchildren. this would never have happened without your help. I've been trying to have lap band surgery performed for over 3 years. And was turned down by my insurance company each time. "united health care" i've been blessed to have found you on the internet. My family were so worried that i was traveling out of our country to have my lap band surgery done. but with my prayers i felt at ease and i never once had any doubt in the doctors. My recovery from surgery was a breeze and i had no problems at all... i want to thank you all for your help.


Reduce Mini Gastric Bypass or Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost by Over 50%, at JCI Int'l Hospitals

The cost of a mini gastric bypass, not to mention standard the gastric bypass cost can be high. Here in the U.S., cost for mini gastric bypass surgery is approximately $17,000 and the gastric bypass cost, ranges from $25,000-$40,000.

By comparison, gastric bypass cost in Mexico is between $9,000-$11,000, which translates to over 50% less for gastric bypass surgery at top accredited hospitals.

Of course, anyone would want to know why the gastric bypass cost in Mexico is so much lower in cost than the U.S. gastric bypass cost. It certainly isn't a loss in high quality of care. Operating costs in Mexico are a fraction of what they are here in the U.S, allowing facilities there to provide identical procedures without charging the same fees.

Additionally, the JCI accredited hospitals in Mexico are not trying to offset high, U.S. malpractice insurance rates with a high gastric bypass cost. When removing these types of costs from the equation, the lower gastric bypass surgery cost when receiving a gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is understandable.

Which Weight Loss Surgery Option Is Best for Me?

Determining which gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is right for you depends on your Body Mass Index (BMI), personal preferences, average gastric bypass surgery cost or mini gastric bypass pricing. Let’s look at these, so you know what to expect.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

The standard gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, called a Roux-en-Y anastomosis, involves separating the stomach into a small pouch and a large pouch. The smaller pouch is attached near the end of the small intestine, limiting calorie intake.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

The mini gastric bypass surgery, is considered as a minimally invasive procedure, and works similarly to the standard gastric bypass in that the stomach is separated into 2 parts. Instead of a small pouch, the stomach is reconstructed to resemble a tube, which is attached near the end of the small intestine. In addition to the reduced gastric bypass surgery cost, another benefit is that the procedure can be completed in as little as 30 minutes by our world-class surgeons at top JCI accredited hospitals in Mexico.

What is the Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in Mexico?

The average gastric bypass surgery cost is approximately $11,000 in Mexico and the mini gastric bypass cost is around $9,000.

How Effective Are These Gastric Bypass Surgeries?

Standard gastric bypass surgery typically produced loss of weight between 60%-80%. Weight loss results from a mini gastric bypass surgery, is comparable to other procedures. Patients can typically expect to lose up to 60% of their excess body weight.

What Are the Health Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery?

The health benefits of both procedures include improvement of secondary weight related conditions, such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Is (Mini) Gastric Bypass Surgery Right for Me?

If your BMI index is 35 or higher (approximately 100 pounds overweight), a mini gastric bypass surgery could be right for you.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Advantages & Low Gastric Bypass Cost in Mexico

The advantages of the gastric bypass surgery include:

  • Faster recovery time compared to the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
  • Minimally invasive surgery in most cases
  • Gastric bypass cost is lower than other weight loss procedures
  • Rapid initial weight loss
  • Slightly greater total average weight loss is reported than with just restrictive procedures
  • Save above 50% off your local gastric bypass surgery cost by traveling just a short distance!

Comparison with Other Weight Loss Procedures

Taking into account the gastric bypass surgery cost and the overall weight loss, both the standard and mini gastric bypass, weigh better than other surgeries. A lap banding procedure costs around $30,000 (within the U.S), but excess weight loss is generally around 50%.

Is it Safe to Receive Gastric Bypass Surgery or a Mini Gastric Bypass in Mexico?

You needn't worry about being treated abroad in countries such as Mexico. Your safety is our first priority. Receiving surgery abroad doesn't mean sacrificing quality care.

Here's the Truth About Our Partner Hospitals and Medical Centers in Mexico:

  • They are internationally top-rated and accredited by the JCI*
  • All of our surgeons are board certified specialists. This means they have been required to pass rigorous examinations and participate in extensive training.
  • The equipment, prosthetics & technology used are of the highest standards and quality. They are the same, or better, than you would find in your local hospital.
  • The medical staff and surgeons in Mexico offer first rate quality personal care and attention that will far exceed your expectations.
  • Compared local, gastric bypass cost, medical tourism is significantly more affordable.

* The JCI is an international accrediting body for medical facilities that has been approved by the International Society for Quality in Health Care. It also works with the World Health Organization on issues of patient safety.

Where Can I Get A Mini Gastric Bypass or Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico?

We have locations available all over the world. Most of our U.S. clients prefer Mexico because it is closer to home with much lower travel costs. We have locations across the border from California and Texas, like Cancun, Mazatlan, or Puerto Vallarta.

Have a particular destination in mind? Please tell us!. After Mexico, India is our next most popular. This is because many of the biggest medical advances come from India. We only work with the best hospitals and surgeons in India.

Is It True That Weight Loss Surgery is The Cure For Diabetes?

While 84% of our patients with type II diabetes experience remission within 30 days after surgery, it is not a cure!

How Does Surgery Affect Sleep Apnea & Other Obesity Related Conditions?

Sleep Apnea and lowered cholesterol are seen by 95% of our patients and 68% of our patients completely cure their high blood pressure problems.

I’d Love To Lose That Weight, But Seems Like a Lot of Work To Coordinate Everything With Travel For Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico!

That’s why we are here for you! We take care of all of the details. We will send you a custom plan or package about the doctors, hospitals, your procedure and the gastric bypass cost in Mexico. You will also be able to speak with your overseas doctors.

We arrange for flights, passport and hotel accommodation. We will be here to answer questions at any time and we will stay in touch throughout your procedure.

mini gastric bypass surgery cost mexico
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